Applying Lessons from SaaS-based Revenue Streams to the Circular Economy

Servitization of products is a very exciting philosophy within the circular economy. Creating a subscription base or a rental base can allow manufacturers to sell the same product multiple times. The software industry discovered this early on. The Software as a Service (SaaS) business model grew 23% in 2018, becoming a $72 billion industry. Since […]

What is the Internet of Things?

Today it’s hard to find an appliance that doesn’t have an option to connect to the internet. We have smart refrigerators, stoves, thermostats, and can even turn music on with voice commands. Many of these appliances include sensors that can detect key failure points and prevent them from failing — even before it happens. This […]

How to Succeed in an Ever-changing Economy

People often say the only certainty in life is change. As we enter the next phase of this pandemic, the uncertainty continues and resilience is more important than ever.   With the last 16 months underlining this likely more than any other time in history, it’s important to understand the future of your business.The more […]

Showing a Profit by Adopting a Circular Economy

Industries can reliably increase their profitability while reducing their dependence on natural resources. Some companies have embraced this thinking, while others still believe that these two things are mutually exclusive. Demonstrating how companies can increase their profits by adapting circular principles into their business is very important, especially in educating companies that are resistant; this […]

The Four Pillars of Business Growth

In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, growth is critical to ensure business success and longevity. Now, more than ever, businesses require strong infrastructure and a multifaceted approach to optimize and achieve growth. In scaling for success, the four key pillars of successful business growth are… 1. Strategy Creating a truly differentiated strategy Once you have […]

Big Box Retailer Opportunity

Cambium business consulting: case-study-Big-Box-Retailer-Opportunity

Case Study Situation A US manufacturer of plastic products was asked by an existing big-box retail customer to add another product line to a second section within the store. The customer also asked that the manufacturer develop an exclusive new brand that needed to be complete for the launch. The product needed to be on […]

Chris Legler Leads Acquisition and Integration of US Manufacturer

Case Study Situation A $17 million in revenue consumer products company had the opportunity to purchase a US Manufacturer within a new segment of the same industry. There were several things that made this purchase attractive from a strategic viewpoint: The new segment allowed for a broader reach of existing products. Only 20% of the […]

Operational Performance Increases with Food Costing Tool

Case Study Situation A 150-store chain of coffee shops did not have a full understanding of their cost of individual beverages and sales mix. Although they had a general idea of the cost of goods to account for their book value of inventory, they had not analyzed the profitability of one drink versus another. As […]