Axios provides business growth services from strategic development to executive advice and everything in between. We will evaluate your customer base, market potential, existing industries and infrastructure – all while considering your business objectives. As custom strategy specialists, we tailor our services and delivery to your business and can collaborate either one-on-one or with corporate groups.

Growth & Management

Our growth and management services focus on developing the strategy and implementing the plan. The chief purpose of this service is to identify and execute opportunities to help your business grow, and to guide you in successfully managing that growth.

Business Optimization

Optimising and streamlining your organization’s operations is an important factor in ensuring business success. Our consultants assess your business’s profitability and performance to help your organization reach its full potential.

Strategic Development

Defining a clear and tactical plan for your business will help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives. Axios’ strategic development services guide your business to optimize sales, marketing, finance and cash flow operations.

Training & Seminars

Axios provides corporate training and seminars on growth and optimization strategies. Topics led by Chris Legler include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternative finances
  • Rapid growth strategies
  • Maintaining profitability
  • Long Term Cash Planning
  • Exporting Products to the Pacific Northwest (or US for that matter)
  • Increasing Profit by embracing the circular economy
  • Scaling your Business for Success – How to Apply Rapid Growth Strategies to your Business
  • Maintaining Profitability during minimum wage increases
  • Profiting during hard times for retail coffee businesses
  • Survive and Thrive in Coffee

Forecasting & Planning

Cashflow forecasting is critical for growing your business’s revenue and increasing profitability. We offer a bank of tools to strategically forecast and plan for your business’s fiscal year.

Executive Advisory

Axios’ consultants provide executive advisory services and integration guidance, particularly if your business is in the process of acquiring or being acquired by another company. We also provide support and advisory services through rapid growth periods for your business.

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