Strideline: A circular economy story

Axios Growth - Circular economy socks

Case Study Opportunity Who: Strideline, making socks from plastic. Opportunity: Axios Growth Consultants client, Strideline Socks was founded by two life-long friends when they were 18-years old. Over the past 12 years, the company has grown tremendously and now has a mission of “The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth”. Recently, founders Jake and Riley saw […]

The Importance of Strategy for Business Growth

The importance of business strategy

Case Study Situation & Opportunity Who: $9.4M Adventure Based Tourism Company Situation: After four years of fairly flat sales and decreasing profits, this adventure-based tourism company was looking for ways to improve their profitability as well as understand the cash flow of their business.  They saw a lot of opportunity in the marketplace to grow […]

Make Your Business Resilient to Change

Making your business resilient to change

Case Study Situation & Opportunity Who: $3.4M Experiential Retailer Situation: After four consecutive years of 15% same-store sales growth, this experiential retailer was facing the prospect of closing for an unknown period of time due to regulations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the amount of time that restrictions would be imposed was unknown, there […]

Applying the Four Pillars of Growth

Case Study Situation & Opportunity Who: $500K organic and sustainable food processing company Situation: Was growing at a respectable 5% per year. The company’s production capacity was limited by the equipment and layout of the facilities, which were also located on the same property as the owners’ home. After years of operation in this location, […]

Big Box Retailer Opportunity

Cambium business consulting: case-study-Big-Box-Retailer-Opportunity

Case Study Situation A US manufacturer of plastic products was asked by an existing big-box retail customer to add another product line to a second section within the store. The customer also asked that the manufacturer develop an exclusive new brand that needed to be complete for the launch. The product needed to be on […]

Chris Legler Leads Acquisition and Integration of US Manufacturer

Case Study Situation A $17 million in revenue consumer products company had the opportunity to purchase a US Manufacturer within a new segment of the same industry. There were several things that made this purchase attractive from a strategic viewpoint: The new segment allowed for a broader reach of existing products. Only 20% of the […]

Operational Performance Increases with Food Costing Tool

Case Study Situation A 150-store chain of coffee shops did not have a full understanding of their cost of individual beverages and sales mix. Although they had a general idea of the cost of goods to account for their book value of inventory, they had not analyzed the profitability of one drink versus another. As […]