Showing a Profit by Adopting a Circular Economy

Industries can reliably increase their profitability while reducing their dependence on natural resources. Some companies have embraced this thinking, while others still believe that these two things are mutually exclusive. Demonstrating how companies can increase their profits by adapting circular principles into their business is very important, especially in educating companies that are resistant; this […]

Profiting by embracing the 7 Rs

The biggest barriers to companies adopting the circular economy are the resistance to change. There is a perception that the consumer demand is lacking and that it will, therefore, reduce profit. I would argue that any business that still believes this, has not looked closely enough at learning to apply the elements of a circular business.     […]

Exporting Food Products to the US Pacific Northwest

Axios growth consultants - Exporting food products

About the seminar Chris Legler (CEO) recently collaborated with Export Navigator to present a seminar to British Columbia food manufacturers on exporting foods to the United States. Export Navigator is a business advisory organization that focuses on helping British Columbia businesses achieve their exporting potential.   The presentation, consisting of two sessions, focused on several […]

The Circular Economy: Capturing the Financial Benefits

Circular Economy - Capturing the financial benefits

Axios Growth Consultants partnered with Metal Tech Alley to discuss how businesses can capture the financial benefits of the circular economy model, and how this can elevate organizations. ” I really enjoyed the Zoom session earlier this week on circular profits/business case! The speaker was one of the best I’ve heard on this topic.” Rosemary Cooper […]