Business Growth Consulting Company Launches in the Kootenays

Business growth specialist, Axios Growth Consultants has recently launched in the Kootenays to provide specialist business growth services to businesses in the region and greater Canada. 

Business Growth

Axios Growth Consultants delivers consultancy services specializing in;  business growth and management, executive advisory services and guiding businesses in scaling for success. 

Axios’ vision is to equip clients with the right solutions while navigating them through growth so that they will thrive in a competitive business landscape.

Established by CEO Chris Legler, Axios is the first growth and optimization specialist consultancy to operate out of the South Kootenay region.

“I help companies understandChris Legler - business growth specialist what the next steps are, what resources are necessary and help guide them through the process in achieving their goals,” said Chris Legler. “We focus on forecasting for cash, developing sales and marketing, understanding organisational needs and creating efficiencies in production.”

Chris brings over 30 years of management consultant experience, having worked with companies of all sizes and industries throughout North America and internationally. This includes well-known brands such as Starbucks, Eddie Bauer and Sony. 

Chris’s statistics are well-known throughout the industry – his clients have seen an average revenue growth of 15% annually after engaging Chris’s services, with a net income increase of 23%. 

Led by Chris Legler’s extensive experience working with a range of clients at different stages of growth, Axios specializes in scaling businesses for success.

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