The Circular Economy: Capturing the Financial Benefits

Axios Growth Consultants partnered with Metal Tech Alley to discuss how businesses can capture the financial benefits of the circular economy model, and how this can elevate organizations.

" I really enjoyed the Zoom session earlier this week on circular profits/business case! The speaker was one of the best I’ve heard on this topic."

Rosemary Cooper - BCIT

Movement gathering pace

Metal Tech Alley is an association of professionals leading the movement towards adopting a circular economy system in the Kootenay region. The business concept and method in economic development that has been developed for long-term business and environmental sustainability.

The webinar, which you can view again below, was delivered via a Q&A forum covering a variety of ideas and subjects under the circular economy system. Axios’ CEO, Chris Legler, explained how the benefits of adopting the model can increase revenue, decrease product costs, and improve operating and marketing costs, while ultimately meeting the behavioural shifts of today’s business landscape.

Chris delivered tangible examples and insight into how to capture the financial benefits, including:

  • Why it is important to show profitability when adopting circular economy practices.
  • Creating revenue through waste products.
  • Increasing revenue by moving to a service model.
  • How reduced product costs can increase business margins and unit economics.
  • Packaging and branding opportunities.
  • How improving design can have a direct impact on reducing product costs.
  • Opportunities for product design.
  • Reducing operating costs.
  • The renewable or clean energy debate – whether the process is viable.
  • How elements can leverage the cost of acquiring customers.
  • Options for obtaining financing for companies or products that are circular economy driven.
  • The recycled versus single use plastic discussion.
  • Increasing your competitive advantage through embracing the circular economy model.

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