How to Level Up Your Business Strategy

All businesses have a plan in place for their future, but not all business plans are designed with strategy at the forefront to ensure optimal results. A great business strategy addresses the resiliency, sustainability and future growth of the business. 

To do this, you must first understand the requirements of your business and map them out. This should include analyzing your businesses situation to then adapt into SMART objectives that can be executed via the strategy. This should be designed to strengthen your business and explore future opportunities. 

Business Analysis

When developing or looking to enhance your business strategy, the first step is integral. Here, you will essentially audit both the internal and external activities of your business to create a full-bodied picture of your business’s current situation. 


Do you have a previous strategic plan? Marketing plan too? 

Refer to these documents to assess what your business has done in the past. Take note of what worked and what didn’t. Consider whether your goals were realistic and achievable.


You will need to look at your historical financial data for any trends or patterns that might correspond with seasonal changes, big events or impacts. This will help to forecast your financial future based on planned metrics.


Consider your organizational plan – who internally is imperative to your business and it’s long-term success? Take actionable steps to retain these people for the long run.


You also need to understand not only your business’s strengths, but it’s weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well. Conducting a thorough SWOT analysis will also bring you up to date on your competitors and what they are doing differently or better than your business.

SMART Objectives

In leveling up your strategy, well-devised objectives can be the key to making your plan a success. Employ the SMART objective rule of thumb:

  • Specific goals make for effective planning.
  • Measurable objectives provide evidence as to whether or not your plan is working.
  • Attainable means just that. Ensure your objectives are actually realistic for your business and the landscape in which you operate.
  • Relevant goals and objectives align with your business model and core values.
  • Timely objectives provide deadlines that keep you and your organization accountable.

If your objectives can check all these boxes your strategy will be well on its way to successful execution.

Executing the Strategy

Once you’ve completed a situational analysis and formed your goals and objectives, you should be able to clearly articulate your direction and strategy in a document. To corroborate this, you should have established a monthly financial forecast and a schedule that ensures you are regularly tracking, analyzing and discussing your results. From here, your business is ready to execute a plan that should strengthen and create opportunity for your brand, ultimately scaling your business for success.

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