today's plan for succeeding in life and businessTwenty years ago, people chose between making money and doing what they love. In today’s economic landscape, it’s become more common to do what you love and figure out a way to make money doing it. Over the past two years, many people have reevaluated what is important. I wholeheartedly believe that succeeding in both life and business is achievable – with the right planning.  

As we start another new year, many businesses begin planning and setting their expectations for the year ahead. Why not do the same for your life? Although it can be difficult to keep resolutions, a carefully created plan that helps you establish goals and implement routines is paramount.

Goals without routines are wishes, and routines without goals are aimless.

Establishing regular lifestyle routines will help you achieve your large goals. A well thought-out strategic plan is a major key to success in both life and work.

Most of the entrepreneurs that I know didn’t get into their business to make money; they got into it because they had a passion. As I’ve watched them channel their life’s passion into work, I’ve seen almost every entrepreneur I know making a living doing what they love. Many are also becoming incredibly successful in the process. 

When you combine your success in life with your business it is easy to create intimate, specialized connections. Perhaps not surprisingly, this resonates incredibly well with consumers. Many businesses are looking beyond the traditional broad ideas of cost and commodities and instead focusing on how they can share the things they love while creating a profit.

Passion led us here - Succeeding in life and business

Evaluate Your Life

For me, what matters most in life is the depth of relationships with friends and family, and the number of people I’ve helped along the way. These represent true measures of wealth.

I treasure the quality time I spend with family and friends, and I feel very fortunate to be in the business of helping others achieve their dreams. Success in life and business is important to me. Happiness is important to me. That’s why I evaluate, plan, and execute.

Having a plan will help you correct course when things inevitably change.

winding river - succeeding in life and business

There are no straight lines in nature, business, or life.

As a winding river must follow the contours of the landscape, business must navigate the undulations of the marketplace. In order to make the best of change, we must adapt. A plan not only helps you maneuver through snags and obstacles, but it also allows you to stay focused on the big picture. Succeeding in life and business is within your reach.

And finally, as celebrated writer and activist Maya Angelou once said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”